Continental Knitting – Class is Sold Out!

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Continental Knitting – Class is Sold Out!

July 14, 2018 @ 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm

Instructor:  Eunice Willliams

Less strain + More efficiency = More Knitting! Less strain + More efficiency = More Knitting! 
If your knitting has ever been cut short by achy hands and wrists, or if you find yourself yearning for speedier stitching, it’s time to learn a different style of knitting that increases comfort and bolsters efficiency!When it comes to Continental Knitting there’s only one overarching rule: fewer motions mean more efficiency. You’ll give each finger a job, minimizing hand movements so that your knitting will become faster, more comfortable and more efficient! Whether you’ve knit English-Style for a short time, or you’re a seasoned thrower, you’ll be happy you took this big step.


Know how to knit and purl. This won’t be a “learn to knit” class


  1.  focus on the knit stitch: learn how to tension and position yarn in your hands to make knit stitches flow effortlessly across your needles,
  2. we’ll move on to the purl stitch: we’ll cover how to hold your yarn and move it into place so that your needle grabs quickly and easily, and we’ll work to keep awkward movements at a minimum, making sure your stitches are correctly oriented on your needles
  3. it’s with ribbing and seed stitch that the value of this style really shines; you’ll discover that getting your working yarn to the back or front of your knitting is simply a matter of shifting your right hand!


White or light colored worsted weight or aran weight WOOL. Nothing skinnier or heavier!

NO cotton, NO acrylic, NO silk yarn and NO single-ply yarns.

24 inch Circular needles in sizes US 6 and 7.



Using a US 6 or 7 needle cast on 30 sts. Knit 6 rows. Leave work on needles and leave yarn attached to knitting.

Class space is reserved once your payment is received. 

Class fees are payable by cash or check.

Class cancellation must be made 48 hours prior to class for refund.



July 14, 2018