Must-Makes 2024

Must-Makes 2024

Okay, so we know we didn’t complete everything from our must-makes list for 2023, but in true maker fashion, that won’t stop us from starting something new! Here are our must-makes for 2024, so feel free to take inspiration from our favorites, or let us know what’s in your queue this coming year.

Danni: Danni’s list this year consists solely of her WIPs. Can she finish them all? Stay tuned. 

Renee: Renee wants to finish a few WIPs while also creating plenty of new ones. We can’t wait to see what cheeky things she creates this year!

  • Granny Square Vest for Valentine’s Day
  • Mismatched Halloween Socks
  • Crochet lap blanket
  • Smile Sweater
  • Valentine’s Day dress (sewn)

Maggie: Maggie wants to finish a few WIPs as well this year, while also designing some new sweaters and accessories. Her main goal this year is to dive into some colorwork designs and have fun with patterns!

  • Cardigan designed with La Bien Aimee Kumo and Helix (Name TBD)
  • Black Walnut Cowl (WIP) using fingering/sport weight
  • Magnolia Mittens (new design) using Biches & Buches le Petit Lambswool
  • Homespun Raglan Pullover (new design)
  • Florence pants (second pair) by Elizabeth Suzann using the Big Sur linen from Merchant and Mills

  • Heroine Jeans by Merchant and Mills, using selvedge denim, also from Merchant and Mills
  • Patchwork Quilt using fabric from Lo & Behold Stitchery


Let us know your must-makes for the coming year below! 


written by Maggie Kent