Brooklyn Tweed Vale

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  • 450 yards (411 meters) | 21.5 microns | approx. 50 grams | laceweight
  • Wyoming-grown Rambouillet wool
  • Dyed and spun in Maine


Rambouillet sheep produce a finewool that is as soft as its Merino first cousins’, but trades luster for an extra sprinkling of warmth and resilience. Rambouillet fiber is also loftier and bouncier than Merino, and we prepare and spin it worsted for Vale, a soft and springy yarn that yields delicate, feather-light accessories.


Used for lacework, Vale gauge is project-dependent.


We recommend alternating skeins while knitting to distribute the color evenly.


  1. Fill a sink or basin with cool water and submerge the fabric in water, gently squeezing out any air bubbles so that the piece can remain under water without being held there.
  2. Soak work for 10 minutes, allowing fabric to become completely saturated.
  3. Remove excess moisture by rolling your fabric between clean, dry towels with light pressure.
  4. Lay fabric flat and shape to air dry.