Hella Flower Power Cowl Kits

Kit 1 Maven Lambs Ear (2) Midsommar DITW (2) Fuwa Fuwa Dusty Lilac (1)
Kit 2 Maven Hyacinth (2) Verba Voilant DITW (2) Suri Silk Cloud Mint (1)
Kit 3 Maven Jewelweed (2) Space Oddity DITW (2) Suri Silk Cloud Naked (1)
Kit 4 Maven Bone(2) Purse First DITW (2) Suri Silk Cloud Pink Lotus (1)
Kit 5 Maven Forsythia (2) Mississippi Marsala DITW(2) Fuwa Fuwa Rust (1)

Hella Flower Power Cowl by Catherine Clark

This design is a tribute to the power of flowers. They bring color, light and joy into the natural world. We do not find these neons in nature but their power to make you feel good is supernatural.

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