Kuutar Beret Kit 7 La Bien Aimee Cashmerino Yellow Brick Road/Kumo Yellow Brick Road


Kuutar is a Finnish word meaning “the lady of the moon” or “the goddess of moon”.

The Kuutar beret is worked from top towards the bottom. The beret is started with the circular cast on method and then increased to the maximum width. Then the hat is decreased to fit, and ends with an i-cord bind off, which gives the beret structure and adds a lovely detail to the brim. If you want, you can also add a small pom pom to the top of the beret. The top of the hat is easiest to knit using the Magic Loop Method, but you can also work it on DPNs and change to circular needles when it is wide enough.

The Kuutar beret uses the same lace patterns as my popular Kuutar pullover. The lace pattern is modified from a lace chart found in the Japanese knitting stitch bible by Hitomi Shida.


The pattern can be purchased Raverly.com here.