Brooklyn Tweed Tones Light

Baseline Overtone
Baseline Undertone
Goldfinch Overtone
Goldfinch Undertone
Granita Overtone
Granita Undertone
Hollyhock Overtone
Hollyhock Undertone
Lychee Overtone
Lychee Undertone
Melba Overtone
Melba Undertone
Nimbus Overtone
Nimbus Undertone
Persimmon Overtone
Persimmon Undertone
Stonewash Overtone
Stonewash Undertone
Vacay Overtone
Vacay Undertone
Wallflower Overtone
Wallflower Undertone
Zest Overtone
Zest Undertone
  • 225 yards (206 meters) | 50 grams | fingering weight
  • 2-ply woolen spun construction
  • 24 micron Columbia wool from Wyoming
  • Wool scoured at Bollman Industries in Texas
  • Stock dyed at G.J. Littlewood & Son in Pennsylvania / Tintoria Piana U.S. in Georgia
  • Spun at Crescent Woolen Mills Co. in Wisconsin
  • Skein dyed at Caledonian Dye Works in Pennsylvania
  • Finished at Clemson Winding in Pennsylvania
100% developed, sourced, processed, spun and dyed in the USA.