Drop Spindle Rose Wood Flora



    • Hand carved from beautifully turned Rosewood, the Revolution Fibers Top Whorl Drop Spindle is a tiny tool that can turn an evening by the fire (or by the TV) into a productive yarn making session. It's a simple, cheap, and portable way to get your hands busy and make something beautiful (and functional) at the same time. This Top Whorl Drop Spindle is exactly what you need to make your own yarn from any type of fiber.
    • Drop Spindle shaft is 11 inches long (12" total length), notched whorl is 3.25 inches in diameter
    • The 3.25 ounce drop spindle is designed with, both beginners and the veteran spinning enthusiast in mind. It's ideal for many different types of yarn weights, from Baby to Worsted and countless fibers, including wool, cotton, alpaca, sari silk, and more!
    • The hand spindle remains one of the most productive, versatile, and convenient tools for creating stunning custom yarns from home. Get started on your hand spinning journey today with this timeless, durable handmade heirloom tool
    • Our elegantly handmade Revolution Fibers Handcrafted Drop Spindles are well-balanced, lightweight, durable wooden spindles with a strong brass wire hook opposite the whorl notch, used to “park” your yarn. Our durable Rosewood Drop Spindles have a satin polished finish, and below the whorl, the long 8" shaft makes it easy to balance the spindle; allowing for easy and uniform high speed spinning