Knitting for Olive Heavy Merino

Dusty Artichoke
Dusty Petroleum Blue
Navy Blue
Pearl Gray
Rose Clay
Thunder Cloud
Slate Green

Knitting for Olive heavey merino is made of 100 % traceable, non-mulesed Merino wool. While Merino wool is one of the softest types of wool, our Heavy Merino is a bit more rustic and less soft than our thin Merino. The reason being is the wool is taken further from the sheep’s skin. Our Heavy Merino is super strong, long-lasting and wears really well. It’s great for sweaters and can be combined with our Soft Silk Mohair for extra softness and fluffiness. Our Heavy Merino is spun in a way to minimize peeling.

100 % non-mulesed merino wool, Oeko-Tex Standard 100

4,5 mm

125m | worsted weight