Le Bandana Kits

Intarsia Multi
Big Stripes 1 Flouro Morganite / Hella
Big Stripes 2 Seaglass / Anomne
Big Stripes 3 Buzz / Seaglassz
Big Stripes 4 Lisianthus / Fiori

This is a triangular bandana that is constructed by casting on at one end point and working increases along one side to the center point. Once you have reached the intended depth, you will begin to decrease on the same side to achieve the triangular shape of the bandana.

This is the basic recipe for my knitted bandana shape - there are a lot of ways to make this bandana your own by incorporating stripes, color blocking, and intarsia. In addition to the basic recipe, this pattern also includes instructions for knitting big stripes, and for making a slightly larger size with stripes. 

Finished Size: mine was 42.5”/108cm x 12”/31cm

Yarn Requirements: 650 meters of lace-weight (held double throughout) or 325 meters of sport-weight (held single)

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