Sideline Wrap Kits

Eventide / Elk Antler
Castaway / Pretty Shield (Pattern Sample Kit)
Dirty Little Secret / I've got dreams to remember
First Light / Undercurrent
Bad Egg / Sinopah


Introducing the Sideline Wrap, a flair-for-your-hair and head dreamed up by Side Eye Witness (Rachel from Spincycle) and inspired by the addictive Fogline Stitch pattern. This versatile wrap is designed for knitters who love to have a project in their hands while they spectate, making it the perfect companion for any event that floats your boat!

Whether you’re cheering on runners at a race, taking a break between sets at a music festival or at a bonfire, the Sideline Wrap is your go-to project. Its portability and engaging pattern make it ideal for knitting on the go, ensuring you can always keep your creativity with you, no matter where you are. Carry the Sideline Wrap with you and transform those idle moments into opportunities for creative expression.

The Sideline Wrap is knitted flat and features icord edging and a button for fastening. Sometimes I use the button but sometimes I let the long ends trail down my back or tie it up and go. ❤️

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