Skagit Woolen Works Roving

Romney - Light
Romney - Medium
Romney - Dark
Shetland - Fawn
Island Blend - Dark
Wensleydale - Silver
Shetland Silk Blend - Mocha
Rainbow Felting Wreath

Skagit Woolen Works is a mill in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. The mill is owned and operated by Anna, a life-long fiber arts enthusiast, and Jessica, a technical editor in the knitting industry. Together, they purchased a 1922 Davis & Furber industrial carder in 2022 (lovingly named 'Rosie'). It is the heart of the mill, uniting their love of craft and desire to revitalize local fiber processing with forward-thinking business practices, and powered by relationships.

The roving comes in 4 oz hanks. The felting wreaths are 75 grams each.