The Shift KITS

02 Nostalgia/Water Witch/the Saddest Place
03 Wallflower/Bright Idea/Lapis
04 Pick your Poison/Eventide/Summer Love
05 Deep Bump/Eventide/Summer Love
06 the Meadows/the Castle/Leith
07 the Family Jewels/Nostalgia/Cold Comort
08 Leith/the Castle/Leith/Pop Click
09 Leith/Light Years/Pop Click
10 Bright Idea/Eventide/Stay out of the Forest
11 Cold Comfort/Eventide/Midsommar
12 Stay out of the Forest/Deep Bump/Dream World
13 Nostalgia/Love Spell/Robins Egg
14 Valley Girl/Midsommar/Love Spell
15 Dream World/Vibe Check/Big Sky
16 Light Years/Sex on the Beach/Pussy Willow
17 the Family Jewels/Salty Dog/Wololo
19 Grumpy Birds/Wololo/Stay out of the Forest
20 Wallflower/Purse First/Shades of Earth
21 Ghost Ranch/Space Oddity/Dream World
22 Purse First/ First Light/on the Low
23 Truth Bomb/Stay out of the Forest/Sugar High
24 Purse First/First Light/the Castle
25 Shades of Earth/Wild Horses/Cold Comfort
26 Purse First/on the Low/First Light
27 Levitate/Sugar High/Love Spell
29 Nostalgia/First Light/the Castle
30 Light Years/Kyoto/Love Spell

This cowl is the perfect all-the-time accessory! And the answer for all of those knitters out there who love to knit shawls, but have a hard time styling them. A fun and engaging knit with shifting colors, that looks like an asymmetrical triangle shawl, and it only takes a fiddle-free second to throw it on as the finish to every outfit!


The pattern can be purchased here.