Volant Moebius Cowl Kits

1. Lavender Lune Sport Old Fashioned DITW Family Jewels 2 ea
2. Lavender Lune Sport Pale Horse DITW Bomboline 2 ea
3. Lavender Lune Sport Cheyenne DITW Bright Idea 2 ea
4. MoonDrake Soft Sport Frozen DITW Dream World 2 ea
5. MoonDrake Soft Sport Plum DITW Love Spell 2 ea
6. MoonDrake Soft Sport Dark Spruce DITW Cold Comfort 2 ea
7. Danni Combo 2 Jill Draper Dk Wash Denim / 2 DITW Cold Comfort

If you love colorwork, or if you're a beginner colorwork knitter looking for something cozy, this is Volant Moebius Cowl for you! 

It has short floats, and a chart that is easy to memorize. 

The pattern can be purchased here on Ravely.com