Beautiful Syster Bags - Heather

Abstract Blue
Abstract Shapes
Abstract Purple - Pink Lining
Abstract Purple - Beige Lining
Blue Wallpaper
Floral Taupe
Floral Black
Frist Light
Floral Pink
Moondrake Blue
Moondrake Green
Shooting Star
This is the perfect on the go project bag. You can carry your yarn in it and knit or crochet while walking or chasing your kids like I do. If you have to move fast just tie it up and all of your things stay safe inside.

You can also fold the handle over to turn it into a yarn bowl.

The bag is 6 in X 6 in x 5 1/2 in. The height with the fabric strap is 15 in.

Washing instructions spot clean only.

The exterior of the bag is cotton, and the interior is a sturdy canvas.