Leaf Peeping Kit 2 Spincycle Wilder Dark Gray (4) / DITW Cold Comfort (2)


The Leaf Peeping cowl deliveries it all. Who doesn’t love leaves? And with the wonder of Spincycle Dyed in the Wool, Nocturne, or your own fabulous handspun, you can surround yourself in leaves of any color. I love the way Spincycle colors play out, making each leaf slightly different.

This cowl uses a provisional crochet cast-on, and is knit in the round to the desired length. The sample is 40 inches (101 cm.) long, but you can choose to make this 30- or 50-inches in length. The leaves in the pattern are slightly offset in each row to make them look like they are moving in the wind. Once the desired length is achieved, you will pick up stitches from the cast-on edge, twist them for the moebius, and Kitchener the two ends together.

You can purchase the pattern on Raverly here.