The Traveler Shawl Kit 2 Spincycle Dream World (6)


The Traveler Shawl is meant to inspire your playful side! Try experimenting with gauge to play with the size of the shawl, explore different color possibilities, hold a couple strands of yarn together, or even better.  The stitch pattern lends itself beautifully to a relaxing knit, but its unique construction makes it fun to knit again and again! Andrea's sincere hope is that this will be the type of shawl you knit on repeat. Once you are familiar with the pattern at the gauges listed, I hope you will try it out again with your own yarn combinations to create different size shawls for different occasions!

La Bien Aimee combos - Size 1 

Spincycle Dream State combos- Size 2 

The pattern can purchase on here.