2023 Must Makes Check In!

2023 Must Makes Check In!

We’ve been making some progress on our must-makes from the new year, and we’ve also started and finished some projects we weren’t planning! Here’s a quick update on what we’ve made so far, and the things we haven’t gotten around to yet. 


Nurtured: Danni has started her Nurtured, she’s currently working on the sleeves. 

Evenfall: Danni has also started her Evenfall, she is about to split the yoke to make the sleeves. Both her and Maggie are using Soka' Pii from Farmer's Daughter. 

Gr8 Gingham: Not started

Inez: Not started

DRK Everyday Sweater: Not started

Felix: Not started

LYS Cardigan: Not started

Ghost Ranch Hat: Not started, but coming soon

Penelope Tee: Not started

In addition to her planned projects, Danni also test-knit the Maple Sweater for Maggie. She made three Homespun Hats, a Kilim Cowl by Knitting Ruined My Life, a Sunset Fade Hat by Maggie, the Amelia Cardigan by This Bird Knits, and the Shiftigan by Andrea Mowry. She’s currently working on a summer top by This Bird Knits. 


October Sweater: Renee combined her October Sweater with the Carosel Sweater by Lamb & Kid and finished it while also making it her own! She used Kokon Pink Aran weight.

Halibut: Not started

Soldotona: Not started

Easy V: Not started

Homespun hat: Renee finished her Homespun hat using a funfetti yarn from Chelsea Luxe.

In addition to her planned projects, Renee made a scrappy crochet pillow, two Granny Cowls, one crochet mask for her son, three Sophie Scarves, one Granny Square Cardigan, 8 crochet chickens, a beanie, and a Blooming Bomber Jacket for Sprinkled Fibers. She’s currently working on a Captiva Top, the Maple Sweater, and the Me Oh My Tee


Cecilia: Maggie finished her Cecilia sweater just in time to wear it for the last of the colder weather. 

Evenfall: Maggie is still working on her Evenfall Sweater and just finished the body!

Ingrid: Not started

Mozaika: Not started

Thea Top: Not Started

Sur Cardigan: Not started

Camp Socks: Not started

In addition to her planned projects, Maggie finished knitting her second sample of her Maple Sweater, a scrappy crochet pillow, DK ribbed socks (Basic Socken) and a crochet chicken. She also cast on a pair of DRK Everday socks by Andrea Mowry, a Sophie Scarf by Petite Knit, and the Bee’s Knees Cardigan by Thea Colman.


Let us know what you've been working on this year!


written by Maggie Kent